Our Process

We create websites that look great and we support our clients with prompt, friendly service.

We take the time to understand your requirements so we can most effectively create a website that meets your needs.

Here's how we'll work together:

Project Begins

You'll answer some simple questions about your business and the website you're looking for. You'll provide your company logo and any photos you may want us to include in the design.

We'll then get to work and create a custom design for your website on a domain that's hidden from the public.

Design Preview

We'll present you with a preview of your website, which will allow you to experience how your website will work once it's live.

You'll review the website design, provide feedback, see revisions and approve the design of your website.

Content & Training

We will set up the content within up to 10 web pages and give you training so you feel comfortable managing your own website content with the super-simple Stealth CMS web content manager.


You'll let us know when you're ready for us to make your new website live and we'll open your site to the public on your chosen domain name!

Ongoing support

We provide free, ongoing technical support once your website is up-and-running. Our people know how to listen, so if you ever have any questions or technical issues, we'll be there help.

What happens if I'm not happy at any stage?

Simple, tell us you'd prefer to work with another company and we'll cancel your project, meaning you won't need to pay us another cent.

Affordable web design

Smooth, simple process
Unlimited web pages
Easy for you to update

Real support